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This is our Contact Details and About our Site page.

Our Contact Details: SamSurfers.com/Advertise -  Admins and Owners, c/o Mike Taylor and Family/Associates, Widener Place, Philadelphia, PA 19141, U.S.A. E-mail: admin@samsurfers.com and you can also use the CONTACT FORM at our Domain Site - https://samsurfers.com/contact.php OR https://samsurfers.com/listings/contact/ online.


About our Site: Our Site (SamSurfers.com/Advertise) is a Private Banner and Text Combined Advertising Site. We are from Philadelphia PA in the United States. We make it easy and very affordable to advertise your information at our Site for greater exposure and promotion online.

Our Site is owned and managed by Mike Taylor and Family in conjunction with Online Associates (i.e. Web Hosting and Technical Experts) from Philadelphia PA and in the United States. Mike has over 10 years experience in Administration and Customer Service. He is an Asset Protection Official, News Blogger and Internet Home Business Websites Owner with over 10 years experience online.

Our aim is to create an ethical environment online where everyone who agrees with our Website Service, Terms and Rules can join our Site and advertise online with us.

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